PhD Summer School Mont-Soleil 2019

Switzerland has a long tradition in renewable energies. On Mont-Soleil (located above the city of Saint-Imier in the Western part of Switzerland) the production, distribution and application of renewable energies can be shown in a directly perceptible way since all adequate facilities are concentrated on and around Mont-Soleil in an unique manner. Workshops will take place in the visitor center on Mont-Soleil together with lectures given by top experts from internationally renowned universities (as e.g. EPFL in Lausanne or ETH in Zurich) as well as from global industries in the field of renewable energies. 

For more information on the PhD Summer School Mont-Soleil 2019, download the following documents:

Video (2018)

Click here for the TV broadcast (in French) of Canal Alpha on the Summer PhD School Mont-Soleil 2018.